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General Mechanic

You need a simply a quick oil change or your having mechanical issues with your car, we can help you. Our experienced technicians will take care of your vehicle whether it’s an American, Japanese or European technology under the hood. We provide a full range of mechanical services under one roof such as Engine/Transmission repair, suspension, brakes, muffler, timing belt and much more. Call us today for your free estimate.

Diagnostic and Electricity

Our facility is equipped with the finest tools available on the market to better diagnose the issues with your vehicle rapidly and efficiently. Stop guessing the issue with your car and wasting your money on unnecessary repairs, and let our technicians have a look on your car in order to save time and money

Preventive mechanic

You want to keep your vehicle safe, reliable and avoid costly mechanical issues with your vehicle on a long run? Whether you need a transmission flush, a full tune-up, to check the direction or the suspension and much more our technicians are very well aware of the manufacturers recommended preventive maintenance schedule for your vehicle in order to keep it running longer and avoid bad costly surprises. Let us check your vehicles condition today.

Air conditioning service

Having problems with your air conditioning? No problem, we can not only inspect, diagnose but also repair your A/C at affordable prices so you can continue enjoy fresh cool air throughout the summer.


How likes rust spots on their véhicule? In order to keep your vehicle free of rust, you need a good quality anti-rust treatment. At Garage Madina, we use premium quality Oto-protect anti-rust, which is an adhesive oil that not only protects your vehicle against rust but there will be no oil stains left by the product.

Commercial fleet

Are you the owner of an enterprise? Are you looking for a professional, honest and affordable workshop to take care of your commercial fleet? Look no further, because we will take care of your fleet so you can fully dedicate yourself to your business. Taxi drivers, dealers and corporate clients are always welcome at Garage Madina.

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374-A boul. Cure-Labelle Chomedey Laval (Québec) H7V 2S3